Nutrition Supplement – Essential for Women’s Diet

Women and Healthcare
Health is of great importance for all human beings and there is no gender difference in that. However, special traits which tend to evolve in the woman’s body make it necessary to try lots of different nutrition to keep the body fit and healthy. The diet of a woman should not be same always. It should differ at times. The diet of a woman during normal days will change a lot during pregnancy.

Women’s diet during normal days
It is always better to go with plant based foods. Fruits and vegetables should be included in the diet in large quantities and whole grains also should be there. As far as osteoporosis is concerned, women are at greater risk than me. Hence the diet should include more calcium to strengthen the bones. Similarly, you should ensure that you are getting enough iron. Alcohol and caffeine are two things which should be avoided. If it is difficult to avoid, at least reduce the quantity of consumption. Similarly, you should take the right type of proteins too. It is better to consult an expert nutrition or a medical practitioner to get guidance and do design the menu card.

Women’s Diet during Pregnancy
When a woman is pregnant, she should consume food of two persons. The child in the womb is taking food from mother and it is necessary to take all nutrition needed for the growth of the child. Here the dieticians and medical practitioners will prefer to prepare a diet with extra proteins and vitamins. Eating iron rich food at least three times will be a better option. Folic acid sources such as green leafy vegetables are highly recommended during pregnancy. When pregnant, you need at least 250 milligrams of iodine every day. Dairy products such as milk, cheese etc are the best sources of iodine. Hence it is a must to consume them on a daily basis. Vitamin A is another nutrition which is necessary during pregnancy. Vegetables such as carrots and pumpkins are rich in this vitamin and making it a habit to consume either of them on a daily basis will produce good results.

Women’s Diet during Breast Feeding
While breast feeding, you are providing a lot of nutrition from your body to the new born child. Hence the mother need to take additional nutrition and the diet should be designed accordingly. Moreover, many tonics and other drugs which are a part of post pregnancy treatment will increase the chances for obesity too. So you need to have a two edged diet during this period. Low fatty nutritious foods are recommended during this period. Fishes such as Salmon, low fatty dairy products and leafy vegetables should be included in your diet during this time. Similarly, whole wheat bread, eggs etc also help you to get the necessary nutrition during this period and also fight the accumulation of extra fat in your body.
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