About Me

coming in touch with nature

About me, my experience and how I can help you with common mental disorders.

My name is Mike and I come from Greece

I studied Gymnastics University of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. I am an experienced trainer in aerobics, pilates, yoga and mental training and I also have been a skiing coach for many years.

At the same time, I continued my Master Degree in sports management and marketing.

I’m married to Hellen and I have two children.

Everything seemed to go well. I had a successful career, money and I was happy until one day … There was something that had definitely changed my life.

I want to share with you a story that changed my entire life.

 I can help you

As a trainer, I know very well the problems faced by the human body. All the problems start with the bad use of our body and our mind. Our diet, our thinking, the way we live, affect our physical health every day.

Through my articles, I will talk to you about my own problems and how I treat them.
Every day in my work, I have problems with children and adults such as back pain, joints, injuries and even anxiety problems.

Let me talk to you about how  I overcame (heald) depression and anxiety attack and how I created a pretty awesome life for myself, in which I am doing pretty much all the things, I decided, I wanted to do it and I understood how beautiful life is. For the power that man gives to nature, friends, travel, and family. How I managed to get my world back.

I want to help people who have problems such as body pain, muscle pain, lower back pain, stress, anxiety, depression and make them live a happy life again.
Happiness is possible. Wellness is possible. Living better is possible. Believe it!


Everything is on your mind. Stay tuned