7 Keto Benefits

7 Keto has a long list of benefits: it's anti-aging, it strengthens your heart and brain and it promotes a brighter physical and psychological outlook (especially in older persons). 7 Keto is actually the main metabolite of DHEA, which has long been popular since it does the same things 7 Keto does. The main difference between the two, however, is that DHEA may produce negative effects while 7 Keto does not.   Now, let's talk about the seven great benefits of 7 Keto. tags Improved metabolism. 7 Keto stimulates the thyroid gland so that it produces more hormones. These hormones, in turn, speed up your metabolic rate. With your metabolism working at "hyperspeed", your efforts (dieting and exercise) are multiplied. The same amount of effort will result in more fat loss than it normally would (without supplementing with 7 Keto). More lost weight. With increased thermogenesis comes increased weight loss. You see, thermogenesis is the process of converting fat and turning it intoheat, and conse quently, energy. The body produces enzymes that help it burn fat. 7 Keto promotes the production of such enzymes and as such, you lose more weight and have increased energy levels.   Push the weight loss plateau further. The hardest pounds to lose are the last few pounds. That's because the body tries to make up for the weight lost by slowing down the metabolism. This response is reversed when you use 7 Keto. The result is that you continue to lose more fat. Stronger immune system. With 7 Keto, the immune system produces more antibodies. Thus, your body can prevent infection and speed up recovery from illness and allergic reactions. Strengthen the heart. The supplement improves the levels of lipoproteins: it increases HDL (the good kind of lipoproteins) while minimizing LDL (the bad kind) so you have a lower risk of heart illness. Greater looking skin. 7 Keto has a moisturizing effect on the skin, so you have fewer wrinkles. Better muscle preservation. In the process of losing weight, some muscle also gets lost along with the fat. With 7 Keto, there is less muscle loss.


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